Marine Service Technology

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The content of the program includes the theory and operation of the 2-stroke and the 4-stroke engines, electrical ignition systems, and the safe and efficient work practices in the exploration of all functions of marine power plants. Students will have an opportunity for “hands-on” laboratory experience including troubleshooting and repair of power heads, fuel systems, ignition and electrical systems, and accessories.

What you will learn:
► Fundamentals of Marine Mechanics
► Tools and Fastenings
► Power Heads (2-cycle)
► Exhaust Housings (Mid Section) Outboard
► Lower Units Outboard
► Inboard/Outboard (4-cycle)
► Intermediate Housings
► Outdrive Units-I/O
► Boat Trailers
► Dealer Preparation
► Boat Repair
► Employability Skills
► Entrepreneurship


 Employment Opportunities:
► Boat sales & service
► Mobil repair
► Marine parts
► Jet ski repair


1,350 clock hours

The following table illustrates the program structure:

Course # OCP Course Name Hours
MTE0003 A Marine Rigger 300
MTE0050 B Outboard Engine Technician (1 of 2) 300
MTE0070 C Outboard Engine Technician (2 of 2) 300
MTE0183 D Stern Drive Technician 150
MTE0054 E Inboard Gas Technician 150
MTE0056 F Inboard Diesel Technician 150
    TOTAL HOURS 1350


► TABE assessment
► Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test

► High school students must be enrolled in the 11th or 12th grade

Program Offered:
Monday through Friday
8:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.

Total Program Costs:
Costs based on 2014-15 school year. All costs and fees are subject to change.

Program Items Approximate Total Program Costs
Tuition - 1,350 hours $3,750.00
Textbooks $250.00
Lab Fee $125.00
Tools $1,875.00
Uniforms $150.00
Supplies $20.00
Application Fee (non-refundable) $30.00
AAAE (Learning Center) Fee
(If remediation is required)
Graduation Fee $50.00
TOTAL $6,280.00

Gainful Employment Disclosure

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